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Our area covers several thousand km2


The black bear hunting induces a high adrenaline rush when this wild animal comes in front of you. Try this out! There is no better place than Bearspirit Outfitters to make your dream come true. 100% success in recent years with 50% of specimens exceeding 220 lbs!

Fishing and Summer pleasures

Live in perfect harmony with nature, go fishingdiscover the wild fauna and flora, and much more… What’s not to like? Let yourself be inspired by  our various summer activities and go on an exciting adventure in the Boréalie.

Migratory bird hunting

Marvel at the phenomenal migration It’ is really amazing! What could be better than the fall mild temperatures to practice combined hunting Snow goose Canada goose  Waterfowl  Woodcock, but also the ruffed grouse, the spruce grouse and the snowshoe hare.

winter pleasures

You dream of white horizons, snowy landscapes, friendly time So come and play with us in the paradise of white gold in flakes. Your Bearspirit Outfitters experience will be exciting and unforgettable. It will provide a glimpse of our country’s soul, because “My country is not country, it’s winter”, as Gilles Vigneault sang.

wolf hunting

Dare to live the XXL boreal adventure in the deep forest of Boréalie: the exciting and exhilarating wolf hunting. The wolf, this predatory animal, is very wary, clever and amazingly intelligent. He is a high-level opponent for the hunters. But the most satisfaction you get is facing the hardest challenges, isn’t it?

moose hunting

Get a chance to see and hunt moose, the largest cervid in the world: it is an unforgettable experience! Don’t miss this magic of meeting the lord of our forest in Quebec, smelling fragrant fall air in the Boréalie.